Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 9- Mark 3:1-6

Mark 3:1-6 Jesus heals a man with a shriveled hand.

I found this particular study difficult with the perspective taking. I struggled with putting myself in the shoes of the Pharisees. Not because I believe I am better or because I don't think there are things in my life that I can be rigid about too, but because their lack of compassion escapes me. When I think of the Micah 6:8 passage that we look at each week, I know that they were very aware of this passage and yet, they show no mercy. While I can somewhat understand the warped and skewed view of the day that sin brought about the deformity and there fore was justice, how does their actions show a "love of mercy" or any humility at all?

I also struggled to relate to the crippled man as there does not seem to be any area that stands out that I am "incapacitated" in. But, when I meditated on the idea of being deformed or ugly, I was able to realize that at I times I have some very ugly attitudes. I struggle with impatience and resentment. Those are truly ugly and in need of supernatural healing. I am ashamed of them. I hope, though, that as the man in the story was in the synagogue that I am continuing to pursue that which God calls me to be.

In the story, when I put myself in the shoes of Jesus, I feel his anger at their lack of mercy. I long to know more his sadness at their hardness of heart. I don't think I noticed that before. I feel like I always read it that he was angry at their hard hearts. That is not what the text says. It says he was angry when they would not respond about doing good. It says he was DEEPLY saddened by their hard hearts. I feel like I often get angry at hard hearts. I need to be saddened by them in order to truly be like Jesus. Even in their stubbornness and lack of mercy, Jesus was longing for their hearts to change. For them to see as he did and love as he loved. I pray the same for myself.

How about you? Were you able to see through the Pharisees eyes? Do you feel the sadness of Jesus at hard hearts?


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