Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 10- Mark 4:35-41

Mark 4:35-41 "Jesus Calms the Storm"

We had been going all day. People had come to see Jesus early in the morning and we had been handling logistics and crowd control non-stop. We had tried repeatedly to get Jesus to take a break or get away for awhile. After all, he was healing, feeding, teaching, and traveling non-stop. He never stopped taking care of others. If anyone deserved a rest it was Jesus. Since we were with him, we did what he did or whatever else needed done. He was our teacher. We deserved a break too! Jesus would have none of it, though. He continued to heal and teach as if his life depended on it or as if he thought he would run out of time. That was crazy, though. He was, what, 30 maybe 31 years old? He had plenty of time.

Finally, some of the guys had wrangled some boats and Jesus had agreed it was time to move on. Across the lake he said. The boat guys asked if he was sure. They later told us they felt like a storm was coming on. They should have warned us. White Squall. That's what they called it. Thunder, lightning, rain, wind. I can't even begin to describe the wind. Waves rolling over the boat, tossing everything everywhere. We were sick. S-I-C-K sick. The sailors stopped swearing about God and started praying to him. Eventually it was too much. We just knew that the ship was going to be dashed against the other ships or destroyed by the storm. It was the end.

When we looked around, we couldn't find Jesus anywhere. HE MUST HAVE BEEN THROWN OVERBOARD!!! You can't imagine the panic. We stumbled all over the ship calling for him and looking for him. You will never guess where we found him. Everyone else above deck trying to save the ship and he was below. Asleep. How do you sleep through that? I have to admit, I was a little perturbed. I thought some of the other guys were really going to lose it. How could you sleep at a time like this? He was our teacher, our mentor our guide? How could you sleep when we needed you in such a desperate time? But there he was, asleep.

When we woke him up, he had the audacity to look at us as if we were crazy. Why were we waking him up he asked? As if it wasn't obvious! The ship was tossing all over the place as we took turns tossing our cookies. Why were we waking him up? He claimed to be God and he was asleep. We needed him. We were all about to die!!! He shook his head, stood up, and climbed the stairs. He walked to the rail and looked into the sky at the storm. Rain pelted and immediately soaked him to the skin. And then it happened. He raised his hands and spoke.

He said...

"Shhh. Be still."

And it did.

No gradual calming.

No wind and rain letting up.

No nice drizzle as the storm blew itself out.

One second it was the end, the next it was lake placid. Nothing so much as disturbed the calm except our heavy breathing. Softly he sighed, "Don't you get it? Haven't you seen enough? Where is your faith?" And then he went back to bed.

Dumbfounded. Probably the best word for it. I fell down where I was at right on my backside and didn't move for a long time. There were no words. Who is this man that even the winds and waves obey him?

~How many times has God brought me to and through a storm? When will I trust that I am safe and that He will provide?


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