Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 3- Philippians 2:13

"For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him." Philippians 2:13 (NLT)

I feel like this particular verse is full of some big ideas for me. The first thing I am drawn to is similar to an earlier study. Once again the idea that God is the one doing the work is presented. It is not about my strength, talents, abilities, discipline, or work ethic but God's strength and power that is at work with in me. That is such a relief if I can actually believe and buy in to that reality. It is hard to do, though. It is hard to let go of the reigns and trust that God is doing what he says. The verse says that God IS working in me. It is something that is already happening! This tells me that I must have first, a faith to believe that it is true and second, an openness and listening quality to be able to recognize God's work. I need to develop an awareness of what God is already doing so that I can join in.

The next big idea I see is the "what" that God is doing. He is giving me desire and power. This is really appealing to my selfishness if I don't read deeper. The desire and power are for what pleases Him, not me. That, however, is not the biggest idea.

Also, there is an expectation in the verse from God. He expects me to actually DO what it is that he desires and empowers me to do. Not just believe it, not just talk about it, but put it in to practice. This will require me to trust that what I see to do is actually from Him and trust that He has given me what I need to accomplish it. Those are big. So often I question, "Is this really what God wants me to do. Will He really see me through it or will I start and fail?" It is a leap of faith and it is a big valley to leap across at times. But, I still don't think that is the biggest idea in the verse.

I think, the biggest idea in the verse is that it all is a GIFT. It is free. And like all gifts, it is expected to be received. The work is being done by God. He has all the pieces and parts in place. I just have to receive the gift, unwrap it, and enjoy it. When I do, the verse implies that He will be pleased. He gives us the desires and power to do what pleases Him. Logically, what follows is that if I desire what He has put on my heart and do what He has empowered me to do, He will be pleased. If I can swallow this, the maker of the universe will be pleased with me.

That is too cool. I need to chew on it some more.


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