Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So, for those of you who read what I wrote almost a year ago, you can tell I did not do well keeping up with this. However, I am hoping blogging will have a new life with this 40 Days In the Word study. After talking to Mark and Rebecca about it after life group, I am posting thoughts about the daily studies with the hope that we will be able to have a written conversation. It was a little sad for me when I realized that we would not have time to discuss the daily readings in life group.

So, most of all I look forward to your thoughts on the studies. I am inviting open conversation about your thoughts on my thoughts as well and hope that we can have life changing discussion as we dive deeper into the word.

I know that we all did not start on exactly the same day, so feel free to comment on each day as you come to them. As I conclude this post, know that I hope to immediately begin the next with Day 1 and 2 thoughts.

Here's to the adventure!

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