Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 8- Mark 1:40-45

So this is an exciting new way to look at scripture. It makes me think of the movie "Vantage Point" where we see the same scene over and over through different lenses/perspectives.

Leprosy. The word for the scourge. It made the bearer untouchable, outcast, rejected, invisible. It made you stink, rot, lose sensations and tactile feeling, and then fall apart. A total state of dis-ease. Physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and in your family. Everything went from fine one minute to completely gone the next. The disease in that day was a TOTAL life wrecker. Loss of job, physical ability, looks, family, friends, social standing, home, rights. Loss of EVERYTHING. People run from you. If you come toward them, you can be killed. Bad news.

Then the leper approaches Jesus. No-no number one. Then Jesus touches him. No-no number two. Then he is completely and totally healed. Instantly. Impossible.

When I try to put myself in this story I instantly gravitate to one of the people the former leper talks to after being healed. I find it amazing, hard to believe but supported by the evidence in front of me. I begin to wonder, "Could he do it for me? Would he do it for me? Will Jesus really touch me where I am and bring the healing I need?" I have seen Jesus do wonderful, amazing things. I wonder if he will touch those things deepest in my heart?

Rewind. The leper. I know my hurts. I know my hungers and needs. I am desperate for God to impact me and give me direction and wisdom for my life. So many changes, hopes, and dreams. What does he want me to give my life too? My time? I long for clear understanding of his will.

Rewind. Jesus. I want to make an eternal impact on others. My heart breaks for the hurting and I want to help heal their hurts. I can, with the strength of the Father.

So much of this particular study just enhances in me a desire to seek and know God's specific will and purpose for my life. How he works through me. How he desires to work through me. I want to hear and see clearly where he is leading my path.

Father, show me what you really want for me. I long to be healed. I know you can. Help any unbelief you find in me.


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